Health Promotion is the Answer

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Hunter gatherers would eat 2 to 3 pounds of vegetation a day. Amazing!

If drugs were the answer then the people that took the most drugs should be the healthiest. It doesn’t seem to be that way.

Some say food should be your medicine. Truth is, food should be your food. Poor nutrition can lead to many conditions. Some people that eat the most are still starving because they aren’t eating what their bodies require.

Getting proper nutrition in the right quantity and quality to provide sufficiency goes a long way to promoting health. Promoting health begins with think well, eat well, move well. Always talk to your medical doctor first about medications. Don’t forget to ask about lifestyle changes needed to get off your medications . If they don’t seem to have the answers, give us a try. If we can help promote and restore your health, perhaps it will help your Dr. create a better exit strategy regarding medications. The fewer expensive medications we take, the less expensive health care will be.

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