Inflammation isn’t the bad guy.

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Inflammation is one of many responses to stress. It has a purpose.

When clients come to the office I talk about the healing process:

Inflammation, repair, remodel.

Inflammation attracts white cells to clean up damage and stem cells to begin healing. If we heal with inflammation tissues harden, healing by fibrosis. Fibrosis or scar tissue is to protect from further harm, it’s how we make calluses over blisters. The trick shouldn’t be to treat the inflammation, we should focus on getting rid of the need for inflammation. Hardening of the body is unhealthy. Cirrhosis, hardening of the liver. Arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries. Arthrosis, hardening of the joints.

If we remove the cause of the inflammatory response, the body will get on with repair. Healing DOES NOT begin in a healthy fashion until inflammation and pain is gone. When the inflammation and pain are gone, then the work begins. In our world we treat pain as the problem. It is not. It’s a normal function. When the danger is gone, damage begins to repair. Tissues heal bases on blood supply. More blood, oxygen and nutrients, the quicker the healing. Muscles and bones heal faster than ligaments and cartilage.

Healing can take week to months in the best of conditions. In the worst conditions, it can take more time.

The last phase of healing is remodeling. Remodeling can take 12 to 18 months. Remodeling is the normal process of replacing tissues and cells. Since we are living creatures we are always remodeling based upon our lifestyle. Want a healthier body? Change your lifestyle and keep it for 12 to 18 months.

Astronauts go into outer space and immediately lose bone mass since there is not gravitational stress. We here on Earth lose bone density just as fast. However, due to gravity, we build gravity bone. The body builds what is needed. That’s how healing works.

What about stress? Gravity is stressful. Many things are stressful. The body is a living thing. So if you grow stronger in response to a stress, that’s positive. If we adapt because we can’t get stronger, that is a negative adaptation. Hardening is adaptation. Adaptation is things like elevated blood pressure. Adaptation is hardening of arteries. Adaptation to inflamed blood that is full of toxins and fatty like oil ( due to eating processed carbs and poisons like glyphosate and other nasty chemicals). The the blood is like oil, toxic, doesn’t carry oxygen or nutrients well, the body will elevate pressure to feed the brain… I will go over that some other time. Back on task.

All stress if vibration in one form or another. Entrainment is the process of our body vibrating to match the world around us. Chronic exposure to chemical, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional stress and our body learns to vibrate with the stress. Adapt or die. Our nervous system creates cycles that run everything. When our cycles get into the stress state for too long of time, the stress state/response becomes out natural state of existence.

How do we change this? Break the cycles. Movement of our body, especially our spines help to reduce stress pathways thru the spinalcerebellar pathway that down regulates the stress centers in the amygdala and the thalamus. Affirmations and visualization helps to change the mental stress that affects our stress centers. Eat well, think, well, move well. Change your cycles and give the body time to feel safe, repair and remodel. That’s the only way to do it.

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