Abundance is Unlimited… like you!

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10 Points Towards Wealth Attraction
1) The Law of Proximity.
Be as close as possible to that thing you wish to have in your life.
2)Think About Abundance.
You get what you think about, what you are. Become what you wish to be.
Be that person that has what you want.
3) Charge What You Are Worth.
Charge a premium price. Pay premium for those things you buy.
4) Know Your Role.
Greed is getting something for nothing. Getting paid is an intelligent exchange.
Create as much wealth as you can. There is unlimited abundance. When you earn
you are not taking from others. There is no fair share. Value is paid for by
the Universe. Create more value.
5) Recognize Opportunities.
Be ready to provide for others when the need arises.
6) Have No Fear.
People fear money for what they think it may do to them.
People fear money for many reasons.
Don’t focus on the money.
There are broke people with many things.
7) Make No Excuses.
Responsibilty attracts wealth. Wealth runs from a lack of responsiblity.
Wealth hates excuses.
8) Be-Preeminant.
Be the best at what you do and who you are.
9) Be In The Right Place.
You don’t grow wealth sitting on the couch.
Go out and be there.
10) Get Some Momentum.
Wealth is attracted to high energy.
Take action. Take a lot of action.
Be decisive. Do something.

10 Steps given by Shawn Dill as far as I recall. Perhaps as I learn I should create a post regarding each point. The Laws of Wealth and Health are the same thing. Health is given once, at conception. Everything else is earned. When we understand that, we become empowered.