Healthcare is a business and so everyone has something to sell you. What are you buying?

Are you buying the idea that making pain or symptoms go away is healing? If you have a nail in your foot and you take pain medications that make the pain go away, is the nail gone? When the nail is removed is the healing done? Has it even started?

One of the first tools in healthcare are things that treat inflammation. If was make inflammation go away are we healed?

Pain usually means damage and one of the first things the body does when damaged is produce an inflammatory response. Inflammation attracts white cells and stem cells to clean up damage and begin the healing process. That sounds kind of important.

The body will begin healing as soon as possible. If the cause of damage is removed the body will begin the next phase of healing, repair. If the cause of trauma or stress is not removed, the body will build up fibrous tissue, like calluses. Spurs on joints like in arthritis can be caused by not removing the cause of harm and the joint tissues thickening and hardening.┬áChronically inflamed tissues lose elasticity and may become super sensitive. That doesn’t sound pleasant. If you remove the cause of harm and damage the body repairs muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues more naturally and tissues regain their health.

If your troubles are caused by subluxations, an inability of the body to adapt to stresses causing harm and damage, no matter what you do to treat your symptoms you body may never be able to heal fully.

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