Life Expression.

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Life is the expression of Intelligence thru matter.

A part of the Universal Intelligence that powers and guides living things, we call Innate Intelligence. Innate is 100% at conception and never falters. Innate will always be 100% in proportion to the matter it has to work with.

Science today is so enamored with DNA. DNA is just a program. Innate is the programmer. Our Innate Intelligence developed and uses our nervous system primarily as a means to provide force and will thru our nervous system into our matter to express itself. Expression of intelligence thru matter is life expression.

Throughout our lives we learn and experience and learn to express ourselves. But the true greatness comes when we submit ourselves to the process and allow the inner guidance live thru us. Preparing ourselves thru training and mastery to do a task until that task becomes…. innate. Music, art, service, education, athletics. Doing the simple tasks over and over. Taking the simple once it’s a part of us to greater and greater levels of complexity. Making the most complex task look simple.

This is what chiropractors, what we work with. Innate uses the nervous system to power the earth-mud that our bodies are to express ourselves. Life is and should not be easy. Life is and will be hard. Inside each and every one of us is the potential to work and earn what we want in life. There will be bumps. There will be sparks. There will be subluxations.

Chiropractors tune the nervous system by adjusting the spine and other articulations of the body allowing more free and easy movement, more free and easy expression of Innate thru us from above, down, inside out.

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